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Vertical Blind Installation Difficulty

Im installing a blind motor to control a vertical blind (rotation of, not pull back).

The problem with is with setting the stop: 

The blind moves quite quickly and doesnt need to pass that much chain to close the blind.  This makes it almost impossible to hit stop *exactly* when the blind is shut.  Either it isnt quite shut, or it hits the mechanical stop of the blind itself and the motor is applying a lot of pressure to the mechanism, it started to pull the blind from its mountings before I could stop it.

My workaround is to hold the blind motor down with some tention manually rather than to use the mounting plate.  This way if you overshoot, its just going to climb the chain a little rather than straining in place.

It would be nice if you could finesse the stop settings from the app later on then it wouldnt matter if the blind wasnt quite closed during initial setup.

Either that or a 'slow' mode during setup to get it spot on without overshooting.

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