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GU10 Smart Bulb Not Resetting?

Hi I set up a pair of smart bulbs last week ready to go in the ceiling once it has been plastered now I'm ready to place the smart bulbs in the ceiling one of them is not pairing and it will not reset either please help I have obviously tried the resetting procedure. Many Thanks In Advance Des.

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Hi Des,

I think I had exactly the same problem, did your unit just start flashing as though it had not been paired after working perfectly?  

I went through the reset procedure multiple times with no resolution.  They appear to get stuck in some limbo state which will not allow you to re-pair them and they will not respond to any commands from the system (including 4 Zone Wall Remote) that they had been paired with.

I have ended up returning the unit to Amazon, but I've got another one started to exhibit the same issue this evening.



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