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Alexa moving blind to wrong position

Alexa not moving blind to correct position. Using TuyaSmart app always works perfectly. Alexa commands ‘raise blind’ or ‘lower blind’ moves the blind to a random position. Command ‘set blind to x%’ almost works, but always leaves the blind an inch or so short of target, ie 95% instead of 100%, and 10% instead of zero %  Motor always positions perfectly using control buttons or using the TuyaSmart app. 

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Im getting this effect with a vertical blind, except with Google Home instead of Alexa, suggesting the issue might not lie with Alexa specifically.

I can click the open and close buttons on the device, or use Tuya or Smart Life (I tried both just in case one was having problems talking to Google).

I say open blind, and it opens to the set stop.

I say close blind, and it closes to about 90%.

If I then go to Tuya, and press the close button it will close the final 10%, so its not a problem with where the motor thinks the close stop is.

So close and yet so far, the voice control was sort of the point of getting the device!

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